New Photos from Chester Zoo!

As I am now a university student in Liverpool studying Animal Behaviour it is normal for my class to occasionally take trips to the zoo as well as other places for coursework and field practice.

We took our first trip to Chester Zoo (my first ever trip to that zoo) in November but I wasn’t able to bring my camera that time. Not only was I too busy doing work, the weather was awful! However, we took a second trip December 1st and this time we actually had more free time as work was short so I had a better opportunity to take more photos.

Again, I didn’t get many and now I’m just waiting (not so) patiently for a day I can go in my own free time and spend the whole day photographing and maybe filming the animals there (I really need to be doing more filming work if I want to be a wildlife filmmaker as well as photographer).

Here are some of my photos. To see more visit: Flickr or 500px. (These photos are screenshotted from my 500px page as I do not have the original copies with me as I write this blog post.)

By the way, I have started a new photography Instagram! It is mainly going to be focused on my animal photography but every now and again I will post other photos I took that I particularly like and want to share. Click here to visit and please follow!



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