Phoneography with my OnePlus 3!

Recently I decided I really wanted to try doing phone photography. I decided to start this for three reasons.

  1. I don’t always have my camera with me and sometimes I just see something that I’d really like to get a good shot off.
  2. My OnePlus 3 actually has a really good camera so why not put it to use for something more than selfies, food pics and Snapchats.
  3. In the past, I have taken some pretty decent phoneography shots and I often see other people post great phoneography shots and think “Hey, I wanna do that too!”.

Photography is evolving and these days shooting with a camera phone can be just as good as shooting with a fancy DSLR.

Since I’ve started I’ve gotten more and more into phoneography. Below is a few shots I’ve uploaded to my Flickr so far (you can see more here). (I’ve added in a couple at the bottom of shots that need to be uploaded soon from my trip to Scarborough.)

I have so many photos still on my phone to edit, not to mention a mountain load of camera photos to edit too. I’m so backed up right now! I could say “It’s summer, I’ll have plenty of free time to edit now!” But summer just means getting out and taking even more photos and piling onto the load I already have.. Wish me luck in editing all this!

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